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Poor Boys Performance


Our Mission

Our mission is to unite the car community and car enthusiast alike. From novice to experts, we strive to bring all members together while upholding a respectful and judgment free culture. 


We come together for our members to assist them with car modifications and repairs. Our goal is to always provide helpful advice to members in need and support all builds and projects as a community.

New / Used Parts For Sale

Social Community

We offer a wide variety of new and used auto parts via our affiliate merchant catalog. Feel free to browse our inventory to find what you need. Stay up to date for promo codes and seasonal sales!

We feature our members on all social media platforms to help boost member engagement as well as support our members to reach their own personal goals.


A collection of projects we have worked on.


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About The Poor Boys

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We started out as a small local car group that aimed to help each other reach our automotive goals. We quickly grew and became a much larger group that set out to provide assistance to all car enthusiast.  Each member of the group, shares a deep passion for cars and the car community. 


We are now on a mission to become affiliates for automotive merchants and provide car parts for all enthusiast. We look forward to bringing together more members and growing larger. As always members will receive exclusive discounts on merchandise as well as the admission to all events and meet-ups.   


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